self studies

GHS – 3D stair creator for rhino

i’m currently working on an easy-to-use stair design script¬† for rhino. the goal is to make it that fast, that it should take only about 3 clicks to build a full working 3D stairset.

1st click define the length of your stairset

2nd click tweak the extrusion via slider-controls (not even a keyboard required)

3rd click bake the thing out – DONE!

for extreme accuracy and functionality there are other sliders and toggles included to mirror and move stuff around. at least it takes about 2 mins to set up your stairs (in a relaxed work flow). best of all: NO calculating is required. the script automatically checks your stairs‘ proportions up on the current standards.
the script will soon be on available  for free download.

retro car advertisement

it tried to create a genuine looking vintage advertisement using the techniques from an earlier post.

what i’ve done:

+ merging the 3D-geometry into the photograph

+ rendering everything out

+ giving the thing some hits in the post production

+ create a matching logo

and there it is

close-up of the car 3D model (full resolution):

close-up of the genuine vector logo (full resolution):

DEAD 80s

self study for light-fx and 3D- rendering

real resolution 5200 x 10000 px