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minimal photo series

every image has three sides

i’m currently working on a triangulation tool, to easy convert any jpg to a triangle based „pixelized“ vector-pdf
here are two test pieces:


triangles combined with original image

Vintage Effect with „Sumo Paint 3.0″

i edited the image above with the free ONLINE tool Sumo Paint to create a vintage look like i would do in photoshop. sumo paint is a great alternative to apps like gimp if you have to do small corrections on the fly because you neither have to install software nor register on the page. the handling (shortcuts,…) is similar to adobe’s photoshop and the images will not be uploaded to a server what makes it incredible fast (i at least tried a picture with dimesions of 4000 x 3000 px – no problem)!

my CONCLUSION: awesome online tool !


Lazy Lobster Concerts | 2006-09

3 years of punk/ska/hardcore in salzburg- 3 years of rock’n’roll design.

welcome to the lazy-lobster-trash-extravaganza: