GHS – 3D stair creator for rhino

i’m currently working on an easy-to-use stair design script¬† for rhino. the goal is to make it that fast, that it should take only about 3 clicks to build a full working 3D stairset.

1st click define the length of your stairset

2nd click tweak the extrusion via slider-controls (not even a keyboard required)

3rd click bake the thing out – DONE!

for extreme accuracy and functionality there are other sliders and toggles included to mirror and move stuff around. at least it takes about 2 mins to set up your stairs (in a relaxed work flow). best of all: NO calculating is required. the script automatically checks your stairs‘ proportions up on the current standards.
the script will soon be on available  for free download.

3 comments for “GHS – 3D stair creator for rhino

  1. kd
    30. November 2010 at 04:01

    this script sounds great….when will it be ready?

  2. 30. November 2010 at 09:41

    the first version of the script is already running.
    now i’m producing a short how-to-use video, and may refine the script a bit.
    as soon as the whole thing is running (~2010-11-04) i’ll post it on the blog and keep you up to date.
    thanks for your interest!

    so long,

  3. 25. November 2012 at 20:59

    Is the script availible?

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